throwback thursday–prom

1-Geneva Berryhill Prom

I love this picture of my Mom.

She is young and beautiful and all dressed up for the prom.

I don’t like that she is standing by the scary citrus orchard…

Whenever we would go to my Grandma’s house the older kids would dare each other to go into that orchard…the orchard that held all the horrors of the world. Why would she stand by that?!?


easter 2014

We had a fun Easter weekend.
I think this year I was finally able to admit out-loud that Easter is my favorite holiday. I think that Thanksgiving is way too much work for one meal. Christmas is just too much everything. Halloween…well it’s just Halloween. But Easter! It usually involves new clothes, chocolate and it’s just a weekend.
Our weekend started on Friday and since all the kids were out of school it was a great day to dye Easter eggs.
We had a bonus cousin to help dye eggs with us.
Can you tell LaLa and Chloe are related?
We usually make egg dying an outside activity, but I decided we would be doing it inside this year. Why?
About 5 seconds after taking this picture the red dye LaLa was using was the first cup to be spilled and the green was spilled about 2 seconds after that.
After a small cleaning break and maybe a couple bad words the egg dying continued.
And as always we had spectacular results…
well, as spectacular as a few dozen eggs and a cheap egg dying kit can be.

On Saturday morning we woke up and found the Easter Bunny had made a stop at our house.
It was very obvious that LaLa and Hammie quickly consumed way too much sugar…

We also spent part of Saturday taking care of a few girly details to get ready for Sunday.
The Boyz did a few manly things…like dancing with pretty girls at the stake dance.

Sunday morning we went to Church to learn and think about Christ.

Some of us did this whilst looking pretty spiffy…

After Church we have a tradition of going to the Mesa Temple to take pictures. We haven’t gone for the last couple of years because we were waiting to be able to go to our new Temple for Easter pictures.
I went back and found Easter pictures from the time Hammie was born and it is fun to see how quickly the kids are growing and changing.
And finally this years…

It was pretty warm and sunny at the Temple so after we went home and took a few in our shady yard.
Yep…it’s the standard pose.
And the kids were kind enough to cooperate and let me take a few more pictures…

I’ve had people comment that my kids are so good to just stand there while I take pictures. That isn’t always the case…
And there are times they just don’t know what to do with their hands…

After trying their patience with pictures I did feed them a delish Easter dinner.
It may be our new traditional Easter dinner. It was pecan-crusted pork chops, crash potatoes, spinach and strawberry salad and deviled eggs…oh and jello eggs, because it wouldn’t be Easter without those.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


battle of the ampere michael vey book 3

The hair-raising action continues for Michael Vey in this charged third installment of the #1 New York Timesbestselling series.In the third book of the electrifying Michael Vey series, Michael and his friends must continue to fight the Elgen and try to disrupt their plans to rule the world. – Goodreads

This is the third book of the Michel Vey story and it picks up right where book 2 left off. This is not a stand-alone story, to fully understand the situation Michael Vey and his friends find themselves in and the battle they face, you need to read the first two books. They are clean, fast-paced books about some teens with electrical super powers. That sounds kind of cheesy, but they are fun books to read.

rating: 4 stars


throwback thursday - 2009

My Bookend Babies at the library.